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Cleanroom Design and Construction
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Cleanroom Design and Construction

What is a Cleanroom?

To successfully deliver any cleanroom project it is essential that the project starts with good design and planning.

This should reflect your needs and aspirations – balanced against the requirements of ISO 14644, GMP or MHRA requirements.

The cleanroom design and installation process is complex - particularly so if it involves maintaining production within an existing facility during alterations, expansion and construction.

There are many other considerations, such as the health and safety of staff during construction and during the operational life of the cleanroom.

Energy efficiency is also an important consideration at design stage.

Optimum Cleanrooms has the experience to bring all of these thing together and will work with you and advise you during the design and construction process.

With  our years of experience within the cleanroom industry, we are able to provide a full turnkey service to meet your requirements and minimise risk during the procurement, construction and operational life of your cleanroom. Contact Us to discuss your project.
Watch our simple animation video which explains the very basic principles behind the design and operation of a typical cleanroom.
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